Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be Good to Yourself On Purpose

This is major! 

I had this very long scenario ready to type and decided to keep today's message short and sweet.

Being good to yourself makes you feel good, its simple as that. Think of how you feel after you get a pedicure? Or when you cook a meal just for yourself instead of ordering take out. These are little ways that I am good to myself. These things make me happy, even for a moment and that's what our goal is. After doing a good thing for ourselves we need to realize that we did something good for ourselves. It will help you feel happy, if just in that moment, but a moment of happiness is much better than a moment of sadness.

Sha :)

1 comment:

  1. It is very hard for me to be good to myself. I get so much joy out of doing for others and seeing smiles on their face. My one "just for me" is to sit at Starbucks with my Tea and people watch. (although some my call it stalking! LOL). People are so friendly and it is amazing how my smile to someone may totally change THEIR day.

    Thanks for the good reminder post!