Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blame ends with ME


I like seeing small words inside of big ones that connect to the meaning of a word or sentence. This is not an original idea, but it is a saying that has stuck with me.

When you blame someone you are using negative energy. Negative energy makes us not happy in that moment. Can you blame someone with just one thought or do you dwell on that thought and let it fester in your mind? What emotions do we feel when we blame someone? Mad or anger comes to mind right away. These are negative emotions, and do not help us be happy. Think about it this way:

Blame -----> negative thoughts and emotions -----> feeling unhappy ----->blaming them for you not feeling happy -----> negative thoughts and emotions -----> feeling unhappy

See how it's a cycle? And it's worse when we blame ourselves because then guilt and shame come into play (more on those later this week). A few days ago I wrote about giving yourself permission to make mistakes, do you see how it's all related? When you blame yourself you are dwelling on a mistake you made. Think about this:

Happiness and unhappiness cannot live in the same moment at the same time.

I come back to this truth all the time, it's one of the saying that I live with, one of my mission statements.

I'd love to hear what you think of this saying and what it means to you.

Sha :)


  1. One of my take-a-ways from your last few posts is giving myself permission to make mistakes. I actually love to blog though I am new at it. However, I don't blog about things I would like to because it's not pretty enough, or complete enough, or "no one wants to see what I did today". That negative thought process can really overwhelm me (or anyone really).

    I want to work on replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. For me, that will mean putting myself (and my quilts, projects, etc.) out there for all to see. NOT easy for me.

    My feelings don't get hurt easily, but I do tend to take negativity inside and dwell on it waaayyyy too much.

    It may be time for me to jump in with both feet instead of just sticking a toe in now and then. This blog is helping me so much. I hope you keep posting!

  2. Lainey I would love to see your quilts and projects but I do understand how you feel. I started to quilt just over a year ago to give my self an outlet, something positive. I do have a blog and have so many projects I had wanted to blog about but than I just can't seem to do it. I decide that simple blogs would be okay for now.

    This blog is helping me also and I find myself looking forward to the next posting. Thank you Sharon for sharing your insight and thoughts!