Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I get to control me and no one else

This takes what we talked about yesterday a little bit further. You control your actions and your thoughts, and only you do. No one can make you do or think something. If you are pressured into something by someone else you are still the one who made the decision to comply. Owning what we say, do and think is empowering, although at times it may feel like you had no choice, after all its easy to play the blame game and take the responsibility off ourselves. Blaming is a negative emotion and something that we should strive to not have, positive is the way to go! I assure you that you are the only one who did have a choice regarding your actions and thoughts. Whether you are making a statement, doing something or just thinking about something, you own it. Yes, what you say or do may be a mistake, that's when the forgiveness from yesterdays post comes into play. So can you see the pattern emerging?

Thought or action -----> no mistake = something that makes us feel good.
Thought or action -----> mistake -----> fixing the mistake and/or asking for forgiveness = something that makes us feel good

And feeling good is the name of the game!

Sha :)

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